Unique Namib100 Hike number


A unique Namib100 Hike number will be given to every hiker that signed on for this very exclusive hike into one of the last untouched frontiers on earth. Leave your name and unique number as a legacy for all to see.

1 to 6 September 2019

1. Karien Schoeman
2. Arina Botes
3. Pierre Steyn
4. Anette Grobler
5. Merwe Erasmus
6. Frieda Esterhuyse
7. Susina Jooste
8. Emma de Wet
9. Gerrit Rautenbach
10. Marienne Burger
11.Lizaan Rademeyer
12. Michelle Staal
13. Ronel Steyn
14. Pierre Botes
15. Franci Swart
16. Heidi Smith
17. Erns Grundling